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Giveaway: VitaClay Slow Cooker!


In honor of Cindy Bailey's new Eating to Conceive column, we're giving away a gorgeous VitaClay Rice and Slow Cooker with a $140 value!

What sets the VitaClay line apart from other slow cookers and rice cookers is the all-natural liner made of unglazed Zisha clay. Not only does it enhance the full flavor and texture of food, it helps retain juices and nutrients and is free of the metals and chemicals typically found in glazes and non-stick coatings.

Cooking foods in their own juices increases their intensity of flavor, you don't have to add oils and fats for taste. What this means to you is you're cooking delicious dishes that are healthy and natural. The slow steady evaporation of steam from within the unglazed pores and the closed chamber of the clay pot make the foods you cook healthful, tender, and more flavorful.

Because of the slow steady evaporation of steam from within the unglazed pores and the closed chamber of the clay pot, the foods you cook are healthier and more tender, but most importantly, more flavorful. Vitamins, minerals and aromatic elements are completely retained, since no water, stock or liquid has to be added. That means that your food simmers in, and absorbs, its own juices and nutrients rather than allowing the benefits to boil away, with the added liquid. It is perfect for a family who wants delicious and nutritional meals!

How do you win?

1. Comment on the post below telling us why you want to win!
2. Tweet a link to the contest then come back here and comment that you did it.
3. Join our Facebook group and come back to let us know you joined.
4. Link on your blog!

Contest closes on Sunday, February 28th at midnight EST -- that gives you lots of time to win!!!

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Comments (86)

I would love to win this because I'm just now learning to cook with a crock pot but I am a little concerned about the glazing on the inside of my hand-me-down. I love that this is clay and safer!

Jenn, Just joined the facebook group @!/posted.php?id=90521618017&share_id=306386532262&comments=1#s306386532262

I'd love to win because, I love the slow juicy tenderness of a good homecooked roast falling to piece, and I would love to try a VitaClay product. Sometimes we settle for fast foods and sacrifice great taste with busy lives.

I would love to have a crock pot! The clay insert really makes this one unique. It would be a great size for a family of 2!


I love rice and the rice cooker I have currently is burning it for some reason :( I've been making it on the stove, but it doesn't come out as perfect. I also love slow cooked food.

FB fan as Wanda Ham ( Left note on wall under this giveaway post.

wandapanda at live dot com

Tweeted HERE as TantaDesChiens:

wandapanda at live dot com

I would love to win this rice cooker because my family has adopted rice as our new complex carbohydrate of choice; we cook rice at least 3 or 4 times a week, and we love the taste and texture we've seen friends obtain from their rice cookers. This particular model looks like a real gem: aside from the lovely fluffy rice it makes, it also contributes to a healthful diet via its clay lining. I had not seen that feature before, so to me this cooker is the Platinum Model - definitely the way to go! Oh, did I mention my son and his wife have been very interested in starting a family for a couple of years now, so if.....well, this rice cooker looks like just the thing for our family. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful applicance available in this giveaway.
wandapanda at live dot com

I tweeted:

I would love to win because this slow cooker is gorgeous and matches all the appliances in my new house I'm getting. Plus I am very busy and need to start slow cooking more and more. And I love rice. SO MANY REASONS TO LOVE IT :)

I'd love to win this because it looks so convenient. Like a ricecooker and crockpot in one. And both these are already very versatile appliances. Put together, they'll be super. :-) Perfect for busy working wives.

I would LOVE to try this!!! Who wouldn't want to use a product that enhances the food's flavor. Thanks for the giveaway.

I have always wanted to own a slow cooker and to have the VitalClay Slow Cooker would be even more ideal for the much healthier way it cooks food.

As a person who has always battled with their weight I know how important it is to eat healthy. I am a Weight Watcher who enjoys having rice as a side and slow cooking helps to have healthy meals waiting for me when I get home. Having PCOS keeping my weight under control is a constant issue. I will use this steamer to create healthy meals to manage my PCOS weight!

I really want to win this awesome kitchen appliance so that I can continue to make healthy and tasetful meals for my family.

I really want the slow cooker because I need to lose some weight. I have been trying to lose weight and have been struggling with it especially since I am busy being a wife, mother and student. I think if I had the slow cooker I would be able to put foods in at home in the morning and they would be ready when we all got home in the evening. They would be healthier for us and I could lose some weight as well as help with the infertility that I have been struggling with using Bailey's eating to conceive column.

I also tweeted:

and I became a fan on facebook: and I left a message.

and I posted a link on my facebook page:!/abuhacoff

Would love to win this awesome cooker, I am a busy mom and really need to make more healthly -conscious meals for my family as well as myself.

This would be wonderful! I have been looking for a good slow cooker and after reading your review I don't think I could find a better one! Thanks!!

I tweeted;

I would love to win this in order to simplify my life - we are just too busy during the week to fix proper meals, and we need to change our eating habits to preserve our health.

Would love to win this as my husband is a huge rice fan and i can never get it right when cooking it, so this would help a lot!

I'd given up on using a rice cooker because I didn't like the non-stick surface on all the ones I looked at, this is GREAT!!!

I have never owned or used a rice cooker and I have been thinking about buying one. That is why I want to win. Thanks

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