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And the VitaClay Slow Cooker Goes to . . .


And the winner of our VitaClay Slow Cooker is:

    Selina Kenyon of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho!

We don't know how Selina is in the kitchen, but we know she is great at the craft table.

Selina "loves art in all it's forms." We LOVE the words she lives by: "I'll try new things when given a chance so you never know what I'll be getting into next!"

Selina spends most of her free time making individually crafted pieces like handmade journals, crocheted and felt items, jewelry, tags and stationary. She blogs about her crafts at Moon Flower Creations and sells them online in Selina's Craft Room.

We're hoping the VitaClay Slow Cooker gives her some more time to be creative!

Congratulations, Selena!

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