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Win Mind-Body Products from Circle and Bloom

Do you want to demystify the way we use mind-body science and put the power of health into your own hands? Start being proactive today.

NOW through AUGUST 9th, FertilityAuthority is giving away your choice of four mind-body CD programs donated by Circle and Bloom.

WHAT can you WIN?

THREE of our lucky entrants will win their choice of the following:

Natural Cycle Fertility Program

Take control of your body and your fertility starting today. Our natural fertility program is based on medical and scientific research proving the negative effects stress has on fertility. It also encompasses a proven method to create a mind+body connection to bring about real changes in the body. Our program is over six hours of audio programming, segmented into daily tracks that follow your body’s natural fluctuations associated with the reproductive cycle. Each daily session is approximately 15 minutes of a unique combination of music, words and guided instructions, designed to help your body manage stress and understand what it needs to do to get ready for conception. It is simple to use, each day you listen to the session that matches where you are in your cycle. You can start at any point in your cycle and repeat or delete sessions if your cycle is longer or shorter than 28 days.

IVF/IUI Program

Do everything you can for a successful outcome.Our IVF/IUI program was developed working closely with the well-known and respected Valley Hospital Fertility Center. Using the same relaxation and mind-body research behind our highly popular Natural Fertility Program, this program is highly tailored to either a IVF or IUI cycle. It includes 18 unique sessions, with special sessions dedicated for the egg extraction procedure and the fertilized egg transfer. The program includes special attention to the synthetic hormones, nomination of the highest quality eggs and special timing of the medicated cycle.

Pregnancy Program

Relaxation and mind-body therapy for a happy mom and a happy baby. Our post-conception program is an essential addition to your prenatal toolkit for optimum health for both you and your baby. Based upon scientific research, reducing stress throughout your pregnancy should be as high on your priority list as taking your vitamins and eating well. Our program gives you 15 minutes per day for yourself to use proven mind-body techniques to reduce stress, and best balance and prepare your body. The sessions follow the changes occurring during each of the trimesters.
Women who became pregnant while using our programs have been using this program to continue using the powerful relaxation and mind-body routine throughout their pregnancy. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and we are happy to introduce it to our product line.

Energy For Empowerment

It’s Time to Start Getting the Most out of Life! Tired all the time? Overstressed and overworked? Having trouble sleeping at night? Introducing a fantastic mind-body creation to unlock the oceans of energy we all possess. An intensive mind-body regimen that contains 4 unique sessions designed for all of the ways our bodies use and store energy: Metabolism, Endocrine Health, Circulation and Sleep. Each session dives very deeply into a specific physical visualization for each of these systems to use our brains to direct and improve these elements within. Remember that the body is not a disconnected vessel from our brain. Everything is connected and we now have the ability to capture the means to improve our health each and every day.

WHEN can you enter?

July 19th through August 9th, 2010. Morning, noon or night!

HOW can you enter?

Enter by becoming a registered member and signing up for our free email newsletter, The Daily Shot. Be sure to check off "subscriptions" on the registration page!
The Daily Shot is our daily email offering girlfriend-to-girlfriend tips on treatments, guidance for managing awkward social situations, fertility diet recommendations, even ways to make sex for conception sexier. It's a daily dose of sanity delivered to your email box.

Are you already a Daily Shot subscriber? You can still win:

Register to be a member of FertileThoughts, our online community offering support for those struggling with infertility.


Read our drawing rules and then CLICK HERE to enter now for your chance to win!

ABOUT Circle and Bloom

“How can a simple Mp3 file improve my health and fertility?” The answer is in our innate healing ability through the mind-body intelligence we all possess. Our programs have been developed based upon the latest in mind-body advancements that can bring about true and lasting changes in your body.

By using your brain’s visualization capability – and “seeing” what your body should be doing, you become the director of your body to help it restore its own health and balance. This is essential to our fertility, since it is mostly hormone-driven.

We also get another enormous benefit: the reduction of stress which is being found to affect most of our bodily systems and make-up, especially the effects on our fertility.

Click here to learn more about Circle and Bloom and its products.



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