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Ice-T and Coco: We've Got Some Egg Freezing Advice For You!

a blog by Claire, November 9, 2012

In an interview with the Today show earlier this week, Rapper Ice-T (54) and wife Coco (33) talked egg freezing with hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. Coco tells the Today hosts that her busy career and pressure from friends and family are the root of her worries. “I’m thinking [egg freezing] might be a good option just to have down the road”, she continues, “So I’ve got some eggs in the freezer, just in case we need them.”

Ice-T, father of two from a previous relationship, attempts to calm his wife’s fertility woes by saying “I can make a baby through a brick wall!” Kathie Lee respectfully informs him that it isn’t about his sperm, but the potential quality of Coco’s eggs.

Male factor infertility is a real concern, Kathie Lee, but we get where you are going with that.

In a recent episode of their TV show, “Ice Loves Coco", Coco reveals her concerns about her fertility. “Some people have a hard time making babies!” she declares. Despite the jokes and the couples’ admitted unfamiliarity with the procedure, Ice-T agrees they should look into their options.

If you’re reading, Ice and Coco, here’s what you need to know:

Egg freezing involves ovarian stimulation through the use of injectable fertility drugs. Once the eggs reach maturity, they are retrieved in an ultrasound-guided, outpatient procedure. The eggs are then frozen at the fertility clinic and stored (not in your refrigerator!) until future use. You can find more information, and even find a fertility doctor who specializes in egg freezing at

Coco is at the recommended age for preserving her fertility through egg freezing, but she is just two years shy of 35, the age at which fertility begins to decline rapidly.

Tell the couple your fertility experiences on twitter @icelovescoco and don’t forget to tag us @fertilityauthor

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