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November Thankfuls As Told By The Infertility Community

a blog by Claire, November 14, 2012

Every year on November 1st, it seems everyone and their cousin is suddenly reminded of reasons to be thankful. Enter: the 30 days of Facebook status updates which usually consist of a series of shout-outs to relatives they forgot to call last Hanukkah, and indirect hints that their super-fertile ovens are baking yet another baby (to be announced on Christmas, of course.) If you're feeling bummed about your infertility, you're probably two posts away from hiding them from your feed.

In all seriousness, they should be thankful for friends, families, and babies. But here is the abbreviated Thankfuls list coming from the infertility community, because no one really wants to read all 30!

  1. The Keurig at the fertility clinic. You’ve helped us through so many tough times, even when we couldn’t quite figure out where the little cup goes and which buttons to push.
  2. The stack of paper towels in the ultrasound room. For, ahem, cleaning up.
  3. The little bag of chocolates the pharmacy packed next to the Follistim. That pharmacist really gets us.
  4. That little blue ice pack. For helping us to NOT feel the progesterone in oil (PIO) shot.
  5. Fertility Authority's instructions on how to give a subcutaneous injection and Nurse Gina's advice on injections. For calming our nerves.
  6. The fertility nurse. For answering approximately one million calls and emails.
  7. The receptionist at our fertility clinic. For breaking things down nice and slow early on a Monday morning.
  8. The friends at for sharing IVF experiences, virtual hugs, and the best dessert recipes.
  9. Leggings. Because nothing else cooperates with fertility drug bloat.
  10. The pregnant friend who sent an email instead of calling because she knew it would take some time for us to process her joy and experience our own grief.
  11. Everyone who sent a holiday card without a picture of a baby on it.
  12. That special family member who didn’t know about our infertility, but said “This too shall pass” when we needed to hear it most.
  13. Bedsheets. For the nights the Clomid hot-flashes and the down comforter didn’t mix.
  14. The pharmacist, again. For getting us that rush order of Ovidrel. (and again, for the chocolate).
  15. The fertility doctor. For complimenting our socks or commenting on the weather during some very awkward moments.

So, the next time a Facebook friend posts a reason to be thankful, give them one of your reasons as well. Don't forget to tag Fertility Authority in the post! You can add us as a friend here.

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