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Giving Thanks: California Fertility Clinic Raffles Off Free IVF Cycle in Celebration of 20 Years

a blog by Claire, November 28, 2012

It’s common to count your blessings this time of year, and Northern California Fertility Medical Center (NCFMC) in Roseville, CA, is doing just that. Dr. Soto-Albors, founder of the fertility practice says they are giving thanks for the 20 years they’ve been treating patients and is grateful for the support of their patients and the community.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, NCFMC is raffling off one free IVF cycle; the winner will be notified this Friday.

This is the third IVF raffle for the practice. Two years ago, lucky recipients Anthony and Ratdavone Clarke, gave birth to boy-girl twins. Previous failed IVF cycles depleted their finances, and the military couple was unsure if they would realize their dream of being parents. The free IVF treatment they received at NCFMC changed all that.

“We did the first raffle during National Infertility Awareness Week in 2010, and followed up with another raffle during NIAW this year,” Dr. Soto-Albors says.

“This is our 20th year in practice. We wanted to celebrate that,” he says. “We had a Halloween party with families we treated and their babies.” The idea for the Thanksgiving raffle came to him at the party.

Raffle winners will not only receive free IVF treatment, but the necessary fertility drugs are being donated as well.

Soto-Albors says that he has the privilege of treating patients from around the world; patients from as far away as Europe and the Pacific Rim have built families from their treatment at NCFMC. “I never realized we would impact people all over the world, here in Roseville, California,” Dr. Soto-Albors says.


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