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Fertility Funds as a Holiday Gift: Ways You Can Help Your Loved Ones Build a Family

a blog by Claire, November 29, 2012

Still searching for the perfect holiday gift? What about a voucher for egg freezing?

The news is all abuzz these days with stories of young couples finding creative ways to pay for their fertility treatment, so why not consider a gift to help ease the financial burden of fertility treatment- particularly fertility preservation?

In an article published in the Daily Mail UK Online, Dr. Gillian Lockwood, of the Midland Fertility Centre, broaches the very topic of fertility gifts. “Part of me wants to say that [egg freezing] should be every dad’s graduation present for his daughter." Lockwood believes it is important to think ahead to the future of your fertility, but cautions women not to freeze their eggs with the intention of putting family building on hold for the long term. Young women should still be mindful of how age affects infertility- your eggs aren't the only factor when it comes to getting pregnant at an older age. Despite the inability to predict the success a future successful pregnancy with frozen eggs, the best gift a woman can give herself is the peace of mind knowing that she did everything possible for optimal fertility when the time is right.

Perhaps Lockwood's suggestion isn't so farfetched! Back in May 2012, Fertility Authority linked to a piece published by the New York Times on parents paying for their daughters’ egg freezing because they just weren’t ready to settle down and start a family. Albeit motivated by their desire to have grandchildren, these parents knew it was important to their daughters to have a family one day.

So, if someone you love is concerned about the future of their fertility or currently struggling to build a family, it just makes sense to help them pay for a gift you already know they will love!

The costs of fertility treatment vary per clinic and location, but even a budget-friendly contribution is sure to go a long way. Here are some of Fertility Authority’s ideas for creative ways of gifting fertility this holiday season:

  • Make a handmade voucher good for the cost of an ultrasound or blood work at a monitoring visit.
  • Send a care package complete with an electrolyte infused sports drinks, an ice pack, chocolates, and a gift card to the local pharmacy.
  • Or you can go big with the full cost of egg freezing or fertility treatment in a specially wrapped box.

The future of obtaining fertility treatment and preservation funds is certainly changing. Tell us what you think about fertility treatments as a holiday gift at We’d love to hear from you!


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