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Holding My Breath for Will and Kate

a blog by Claire, December 6, 2012

Most of the world is buzzing about Will and Kate’s heir-to-be. Bets have been placed, with odds that the future King or Queen will be named John or Charles if it’s a boy, or Elizabeth or Diana if it’s a girl. Paparazzi and press were there to get shots of Will, Pippa and Kate’s mom coming and going from the London hospital after Kate was hospitalized for hyperemesis gravidarum - acute morning sickness. The couple hadn’t been ready to announce the pregnancy. It’s speculated that she’s early in her first trimester.

My sense is that those of us who have had miscarriages and battled infertility are a bit superstitious right now. I know I am. I wish they could have kept the pregnancy mum until they passed that 12-week-mark that many of us get to before we announce it. Whether or not her condition causes miscarriage (it doesn’t) doesn’t matter, I’m worried about Kate and the baby.

So while most of the world is celebrating this pregnancy news, I’ll just hold my breath a bit longer. And I’ll keep thinking good thoughts for Will and Kate and baby Cambridge. And then, as soon as they are out of the woods, I’ll join the baby-naming pool.


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