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Gifts for your 'Infertile' Friends That Aren’t Lame

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a blog by Claire, December 12, 2012

You want your friend to know you’re thinking of her, especially during her fertility treatments this holiday season, but you don’t want to gift something lame or something that reminds her she’s still not a mom. Don’t bother with a book of “reasons life without kids rocks”… when you want kids, no well-intentioned reminder of your wild college days will squash that dream. We’re not saying you have to tip toe around your friend, just remember she has interests other than becoming a parent. By giving her something that truly caters to her will show you care and make her slightly less aware of her vacant uterus…just for a minute.

  • Avoid the picture frame with a stock photo of an adorable kid or loving new parents. If she’s into photography, why not give her a gift certificate for a photography class, a new camera lens, or a handmade camera strap from one of those DIY sites?

  • Candles and bath soaps can be tricky. Unless she’s shouted her love for vanilla bean scented products from the rooftops, you’d be better off with a gift card for a pedicure or spa treatment. Candles and soap can be a tad generic if you're really going for something personal.

  • Non-inspirational or themed books can be the perfect gift. Getting her the latest Chicken Soup might induce a pity party for one. You don’t want to do that. There are lots of great literary options, and they might just allow her to get lost in someone else’s story for once.

  • Take her out for dinner, but opt for an adults-only restaurant. Even the local Italian restaurant could be crawling with kids on a Friday night. Take her somewhere special or go out later in the evening- when the kids will be in bed. You could go out for drinks instead, but be careful not to overdo it. Most fertility doctors discourage alcohol consumption during a fertility cycle and last thing you want to see is your tipsy friend crying in her glass of merlot.

  • You could contribute to her fertility treatment fund, or donate money on her behalf to an infertility organization. While it won’t take her mind off of fertility treatment, it will certainly be appreciated and show how much you care about her dream of parenthood.

Don’t forget to check out Fertility Authority’s Resolutions for the New Year for more tips on coping with the holidays and gift ideas for the fertility-conscious man in your life.

Then, swing by Fertile Thoughts to tell us your gift ideas for a friend struggling with infertility.


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