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Rapper Wiz Khalifa on Amber Rose's Pregnancy and Miscarriage

a blog by Claire, December 13, 2012

Rapper Wiz Khalifa and fiancée Amber Rose are inching closer to the birth of their first baby together, but it wasn’t always smooth pregnancy sailing.

Immediately prior, Rose experienced an unexpected pregnancy and first trimester miscarriage.

"Her first pregnancy was like right before [her current pregnancy], and it was unexpected. Right when we found out she was pregnant she lost the baby,” Khalifa revealed in an interview on Saturday with a Philadelphia radio station.

Amber Rose is an American model and recording artist. Her former beau, Kanye West, is rumored to be planning for parenthood with Kim Kardashian.

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Khalifa gushes about their bundle of joy, "Every time we go to the doctor, he tells us how healthy the baby is, how perfect her pregnancy has been, and literally has just inspired me to be the best dad."

The pair kept details of this pregnancy secret until they cleared the first trimester, not unlike the millions of women who have experienced pregnancy loss before successful pregnancy. "That second time when she got pregnant, we didn't want to say anything about it until after her second trimester and everything," Khalifa said. The couple officially announced they were expecting at the 2012 MTV Music Awards.

Congratulations, Wiz and Amber! We’re hoping for a happy and safe delivery!

Rose joins the likes of Mariah Carey, Nicole Kidman, and Beyonce as the celebrity faces of pregnancy loss.

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