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Traveling for the Holidays? Five Tips for Staying on a Fertility Drug Schedule

a blog by Claire, December 16, 2012

If you're traveling this holiday season you've already got a lot on your mind.

Flight ticket? Check. Gift for dad? Check. What about your fertility drugs?

Here are some tips for remembering to pack your fertility drugs and take them on schedule.

  1. Set an alert on your phone to pack your fertility drugs and another for each day you will need to take them. There is a good chance you’ll be catching up with family and friends or lose track of time. You might also consider installing a fertility app that stores everything from dosing times to monitoring appointments. Better to have an extra reminder just in case.

  2. Leave notes for yourself both for packing and taking them on schedule. If you've forgotten one or all of your fertility drugs, put in a call to your clinic right away. Your fertility nurse might be able to call in another prescription for you at a nearby pharmacy. If you do forget to take your fertility drugs at the exact time as the previous night, don’t fret. Taking them one or two hours off schedule probably won’t have an effect on your treatment in the long run. If you’re concerned, call your fertility nurse.

  3. Pack a small cooler for storing temperature-sensitive drugs. It might be easier to swap ice packs in and out of mom’s freezer than to explain the stash of Follistim.

  4. If you know privacy is going to be an issue, plan accordingly. If you’re sharing a room with other house guests and bathroom privacy is out of the question, make hotel arrangements. Not only will this benefit your fertility treatment cycle, but your sanity as well.

  5. Have an accomplice. Ask a sister, cousin, or your partner to remind you to take your fertility drugs. You’ll be less likely to forget and will feel less anxious about keeping track of time. As a bonus, they'll help you aim for those two blue circles your fertility nurse drew in permanent marker on your behind.

When in doubt, call your fertility clinic. Even if the office is not open at the time of your call, a receptionist or nurse is likely to be checking messages and will return your call as soon as possible.


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