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Happy Baby via Surrogate News from Giuliana and Bill Rancic!

Don't ignore the power of celebrity news ...

What a way to start off National Infertility Awareness Week! Celebrities Giuliana and Bill Rancic have announced that they are expecting a baby via a gestational surrogate this summer.

In a celebrity baby bump obsessed society, the Rancics have brought much media attention to infertility and now surrogacy through their public and open discussion of their personal journey. The E! News anchor and the first Apprentice winner, who have also documented their struggle in their reality TV show Giuliana & Bill, were married in 2007 and began trying to conceive in 2010. They have endured public commentary about Giuliana being too thin to get pregnant, undergone in vitro fertilization (IVF) and experienced miscarriage — all in the public eye.

Last fall, the couple was going to start fertility treatments again, when her fertility doctor ordered a mammogram before another IVF. The doctors found early stage breast cancer, which was treated with surgery and radiation.

Today, the couple announced on the Today show that a Baby Rancic (they know the sex but they're not telling) is due in late summer via a gestational surrogate because of the risks that could be posed by Giuliana's cancer and the fertility drugs used during IVF. In gestational surrogacy, the surrogate gives birth to a baby conceived with an egg and sperm of a couple or a donor egg or sperm. This means that the child is the Rancic's genetic child. The couple told Today that the embryo that resulted in the pregnancy was banked prior to the breast cancer diagnosis.

What happy news after all their challenges! Congratulations to Giuliana and Bill!

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