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Timed Intercourse Stress Can Cause Men to Have Impotence, Affairs

timed intercourse can make men impotent

a blog by Claire, May 22, 2012

Well, you can add this to the list of things we really didn't want to know. (Because in the back our minds, we might have known this already.)

Trying for a baby — with all the timed intercourse, ovulation kits and pressure to "perform" when the woman is ovulating — can make men impotent. Research has demonstrated that not only can it cause this impotence, but it may also lead men to cheat on their partners.

The findings are published in the Journal of Andrology, in a Korean study titled: "Erectile Dysfunction and Extramarital Sex Induced by Timed Intercourse: A Prospective Study of 439 Men." The study involved men who had no previous episode of erectile or ejaculatory dysfunction. These men had completed male and female partner evaluations by fertility specialists and had been assigned timed intercourse.

After six months of timed intercourse, approximately 40 percent of the men experienced erectile dysfunction, and approximately 10 percent had an extramarital affair. The men also started avoiding having sex with their partners. The number of cases of erectile dysfunction, etc., increased the longer the timed intercourse went on. The researchers also found that men who are stressed produce less testosterone, which affects their libido.

The study authors wrote: "Physicians and clinicians should acknowledge the potential harmful effect of [timed intercourse] on men. Furthermore, female partners and male partners should both be warned of the increased possibility of [erectile dysfunction] and [extramarital sex] as the number of instances of [timed intercourse] increases."

Serena H. Chen, M.D., a fertility doctor with IRMS at St. Barnabas, says she has seen the stress timed intercourse can cause. "Universally, all couples express some form of stress surrounding timed intercourse," she says. "No one has admitted extramarital affairs, but the doctor's office is an unlikely place for a confession like that to take place. Clearly, this is a very common source of significant stress and although everyone seems to believe that timed intercourse will improve their chances of conceiving, the bottom line is that the studies do not demonstrate any improvement in pregnancy rates with precisely timed intercourse! In fact, if people are allowed to stop worrying about when to have intercourse, couples tend to have sex around their most fertile times anyway."

So what should you do when trying for a baby to help ease the husbands through the stress? The study authors advise taking a break after three months of timed sex. Dr. Chen says, "I like to tell couples to try for two 'dates' a week, but I also tell them not to worry if it does not happen or if they just do not feel like it. Worrying does more harm than good and this is the last thing infertile couples need to add to their plate — more stress and worry."

One of the first things Dr. Chen tell patients is to throw out the basal body temperature charts and forget about timing sex. "The message about the harmful effects of timed intercourse upon stress levels and the harmful effects of stress upon male health is a very important message that everyone — doctors and their patients — should know," she says. "Again, if couples are having intercourse when they want to have intercourse and they are not conceiving, they need to see the doctor, rather than having timed intercourse and placing themselves at risk for stress-related illnesses like impotence, loss of libido, depression, anxiety and marital discord.

For more information, read Dr. Chen's blog: With Sex, Timing Is Everything — Or Is It?

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