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Monica Cruz Dishes on Donor Sperm Pregnancy

a blog by Claire, January 14, 2013

In a world where celebrities often deny their fertility struggles and swear they have used their own eggs to get pregnant well into their forties, it is very refreshing to hear celebrities openly discuss their use of fertility treatment to get pregnant.

Just last week, Tia Mowry blogged about her experiences with endometriosis and not long ago, Hugh Jackman revealed that he and wife Deborra-Lee Furness struggled with infertility and ultimately adopted their children. Most recently, Penelope Cruz’s younger sister has admitted to using donor sperm to get pregnant.

Monica Cruz, a 35-year-old lingerie model and Spanish actress, says she is telling the world about using an anonymous sperm donor to prevent rumors circulating about her “baby daddy”. The truth is, she heard her biological clock ticking loud and clear and decided to proactively have a baby before she faced age-related infertility. Though she would have preferred to wait for Mr. Right, Cruz revealed in an online blog she feared “it would then be too late for motherhood and [I] could not wait.” The younger Cruz sister is currently pregnant via intrauterine insemination (IUI).

In the early stages of the pregnancy, Cruz admits she hid herself from the public eye. She wanted to shield herself from questions about the pregnancy and the identity of the father, but she realized she could shed a positive light on the taboo topic of becoming a single mom through sperm donation. Cruz declared: “I have decided to tell all. To become pregnant, I turned to artificial insemination. I want to tell, also, so I can have the opportunity to show my thanks to all those anonymous men that help to give many women like me, the dream of their lives." Cruz encouraged women who may have doubts about pregnancy through sperm donation to look to her story as inspiration.


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