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Why Giuliana Rancic's Not Getting Pregnant


a blog by Deborah Moore, March 15, 2010

I saw a clip of the ladies from The View interviewing Giuliana Rancic, an entertainment reporter for E! News who married one of the Apprentices I think (I don’t watch reality TV!). She’s 35, and she and her husband have been trying for at least a year to get pregnant. They realized they need help and are preparing for the IVF process.

[Watch Giuliana and Bill on The View.]

While the majority of the interview was a civil and friendly discussion of the couples’ struggles, host Whoopi Goldberg ranted later that Guiliana just needed to “put on a few pounds,” with the implication that this would solve all their problems.

[Read more about weight and fertility.]

It is indeed human nature to be curious, but I am constantly shocked and enraged at how glib many can be about fertility issues. Whoopi’s comments make light of what many couples face when trying to conceive, and, at best show ignorance of the true causes of infertility (which can be frustratingly diverse from couple to couple). Giuliana herself confirmed that she did, indeed, put on a few pounds, but also confirmed that there were other causes of their infertility.

Being an athlete, I am also on the receiving end of some fairly insensitive comments. Some, who know we are struggling with trying to conceive, have said “maybe you should stop exercising and then you’ll get pregnant." If only it were so simple. Low body fat or low body weight is, in fact, one factor that can diminish fertility, but I would like to point out that, just because someone is fit and exercises a fair bit, does not mean that they are anovulatory, or are at a dangerously low body fat level.

In my case, exercise helps to keep me sane during this stressful time, and helps to keep my body in good shape should I finally get pregnant. I am taking my doctors’ and the experts’ advice on the intensity and volume of exercise, but they themselves have said I should make sure I am happy and healthy in order to maximize my chances of success.

I wish others would respect each situation, and, even if they have an opinion on what THEY think will work, they should either keep it to themselves, or do some research before voicing it!

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I just wish that Giuliana and Bill could have their baby this year. Well, I’m agreeing of Guiliana that taking exercises is not affecting her to conceive a baby. Actually she is a news icon and need to maintain good figure and healthy body at TV screens. I don’t know if Crystal Bowersox health really jump into pregnancy rumors or not. As to this couples, I hope we respect their private lives and as what Guiliana said here, that they’ve been following their doctors and experts advices to have a baby that will lighten their marriage life. Let’s hope for some miracles here!

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