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What Do You Know About Your Fertility?

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a blog by David Kreiner, M.D., F.A.C.O.G. and Pamela Madsen

Part III: What Do You Know About Egg Freezing?

As so many women discovered late in life, procreation is a far more delicate and complicated process than most of us ever suspect. After all, we spend so much time trying to avoid pregnancy, it never occurs to us that we may not be able to get pregnant when we want to.

So what do you do if you are in the midst of getting your degree or your career is on an upward trend that you don’t want to derail? Until recently, the options were few and unreliable.

But the world of reproductive medicine is on the fast track to breakthroughs in egg freezing which is giving young women the opportunity to put the best of their oocytes into a safe deep freeze until they’re ready to use them.

Some IVF Centers claim that they are ready to provide state of the art egg freezing right now to women with hundreds of healthy babies already born. Others, like East Coast Fertility, are in the midst of doing studies and offering discounts to patients who want to be a part of the Egg Freezing Studies.

With careful attention to your fertility through a program of annual fertility screening, early intervention with fertility treatment or egg freezing, we can eliminate most cases of infertility due to aging and diminishing ovarian reserve.

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