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Egg Donor Fantasy

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a blog by Donor Diva, September 6, 2011

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I often think about Ant’s egg donor. What is she doing now? Does she know there is a child out there who has a genetic connection to her? Does she think about the women she donated to? Or is all of this a distant memory?

I find myself wanting to thank her for Ant and wishing there was a way for me to express my gratitude for what she has given us. Also, I want to know more about her. There is a part of me that wants to search her out and make a connection with her. I want her to see the wonderful gift she gave. Should I search now when the path is still fresh and intact? Or do I wait for Ant to be ready to know more?

I thought we would be satisfied with the information we were given, but now I wonder if this will be enough for Ant. I am told every child is different and has different needs. I hope that our openness and willingness to talk about egg donation makes this easier for Ant.

I wonder also if our donor thinks about us. I like to think she is happy she gave us the greatest gift ever, that she doesn’t regret her decision and will tell others about how great it feels. Maybe she’s become an advocate like me. Or maybe she’s just happy with her decision.

Will we ever meet our egg donor? Maybe ... Does it scare me? HELL YES! But for Ant I would do anything.

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When my son and I talk about his egg donor he tells me that she isn't on his mind. And when I ask what that means he tells me "Mom I don't think about what she's doing, what she's wearing or if she likes pizza. My life is too full of other important things, Mom, really I think you all make way too much about this whole egg donor thing."

That makes me laugh and smile -- and it tells me we are doing our jobs right. We are indeed raising a child who's well balanced and secure in his own right. We've never ever made his origins or how he was conceived a secret, it's just not how we roll.

Your child is going to be just fine, because you are an amazing Mom.

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