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150 Half Siblings through Sperm Donation?

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a blog by Donor Diva, October 5, 2011

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Have you heard about this? A sperm donor has helped create AT LEAST 150 children.

Using an anonymous egg donor has always concerned me a little, but it is reassuring to know that it is more difficult for a woman to donate eggs than for a man to donate sperm. But there is always that concern in the back of your mind — how many half siblings are out there?

As far as I know, my fertility clinic only lets their egg donors go through three to four cycles. In my case, we did a shared cycle (one egg donor to more than one recipient). If the other recipients were as lucky as me, there could be one, two or more half-siblings out there from that one cycle alone. Also, if the recipients have any frozen embryos, there is the possibility of yet another half-sibling. Where does that leave us?

Maybe seven children per cycle and a lifetime total of four cycles would equal a total of 28 children — 28 half-siblings. I guess 28 is a high estimate, but it is possible. This is the No. 1 reason why I am open about Ant’s conception, because when he starts dating, he needs to be aware of his potential half-siblings.

With all the news about sperm donors having helped create so many children, there has been a lot of talk about creating more regulations for the sperm and egg donation industry. Are regulations good or bad? To me, it really depends on how you look at it and what, exactly, you are talking about. The idea of one man creating 150 children is mind-blowing. Should there be regulations on how many times a man can donate sperm? Or how many children he can create through sperm donation?

How many is too many?


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Donor Diva,
That to me is absolutely crazy. I am personally an egg donor, I donated mine 3 times, twice to the same family that came back and asked me to do it again for them, (sibling purposes). Then once to another couple. I am the mother of 3 girls and had my tubes tied before I became a donor. I sometimes think about what became of the eggs I donated but I know it was all Gods will to help someone else become parents, I just hope they love their children as much as I love my own. But the sperm donation industry is way out of control.
There should be a data base system to limit the amount of times a man can donate their sperm. With Egg donation its 3 times in Ohio or 4 depending on if you donate to the same couple. I love your blogs, I have just joined so I can keep up with what is going on in this world, its been 9 years since I was a donor.

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