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Uterine Polyps Diagnosis

a blog by Beth Hartog, M.D., Damien Fertility Partners, January 19, 2012

Have you been diagnosed with uterine polyps?

If you are navigating the infertility path and have been diagnosed with uterine polyps, here are some quick tidbits of information to help you understand this diagnosis.

  • Uterine polyps are common; the incidence rises steadily with increasing age. Polyps frequently occur in a group (multiple polyps), but you can also have a single polyp. Polyps range in size from 2 to 3 millimeters to 2 to 3 centimeters. The overwhelming majority of polyps are benign. Frequently, polyps will cause abnormal menses; either heavy bleeding or spotting between menses.
  • The most efficient way to diagnose polyps is by sonohysterography. This is a procedure in which saline is placed into the uterine cavity while watching with the ultrasound machine. The sonohysterogram is better at diagnosing the polyps then an ultrasound without saline.
  • It is likely that polyps interfere with establishing a pregnancy and also may be implicated in causing a miscarriage. Sometimes polyps can go away on their own, but, most often, they need to be removed. Polyp removal is best accomplished by placing a special telescope through the cervix, identifying the polyp and removing it with a surgical instrument. The polyp is then sent to the laboratory to be certain it is benign. This surgical removal of the polyp is best done before moving on to any fertility treatment cycles that you may be considering.

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hi im 20 years old and me and my husband been trying to get pregnant since we got married 2 1/2 years ago since both of us are really young we thought it wouldn't be a problem but tha was not the case we are going to a fertility clinic but is costing us a lot because we dont have insurance i had my HSG and it came good but when i got my sonohysterogram it seems like a have PCOS ....and also a polyp i dont know what to do this week we have an appointment to see what we have to do but the thing is that we are running out of money and i dont know how much is going to cost to remove the polyp does anyone have an idea also my husbands sperm in kind of slow if any one knows a individual insurance that covers it please letme know i live in texas

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