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So Who is FertilityAuthority?

Last month our (then) all-female team launched FertilityAuthority – a web portal we’ve tagged “your most trusted source for everything fertility.” Now some would say that starting a business in the current economic environment is crazy (and you know what, they'd be right!), but reproductive medicine is a $3 billion industry and we see an opportunity to be profitable and make a difference in people’s lives.

And, yes, our founder and CEO, Gina Bartasi, is an infertility patient launching a website to share her feelings about her diagnosis, but there's more to it. Gina was the founder and CEO of the Leader Publishing Group and she grew the company and its titles to great heights. Now she's set her sights on building the best fertility source on the web, one with the most reliable content, written by seasoned healthcare journalists and vetted by REs, with a patient video library, a growing network of bloggers, columnists and message boards, and a database connecting patients with fertility specialists. Heck, we’ve got our own celebrity spokesperson, Alexis Stewart (who has been refreshingly candid about her fertility struggles). Soon we'll be adding physicians’ white papers to provide you with advanced professional research.

Our goal? To empower you and help you make the best, most efficient decisions about your fertility.

So besides Gina, who are we? Our founding females are media professionals who are experienced and driven and, what makes us more even more qualified than our MBAs, is the fact that many of us are or have been infertility patients. We have a passion for this project and we understand that there is a need for one, comprehensive source of fertility information.

So while we recognize that some might see the current economic climate as an obstacle, we’re more than willing to face the challenge head on. We’re here to SHAKE FERTILITY EDUCATION UP and make it POP! (to quote Pam Madsen's recent blog).

Please don't be shy about sharing your ideas for our site, or for that matter, helping us spread the word. You can post your ideas below or fill out our User Feedback Form.

The better we know you, the more likely we'll get it right . . . .

Our best,
Jennifer Redmond and Laurie Gordon
Your Editors

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