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Not Jimmy Choos, But Fertility Shoes


I was encouraged to learn that someone I know actually went to one of the clinics mentioned in my last blog and was offered the "lower rate" advertised.
(Maybe I should stop being a skeptic and just think, "Wow, this is GREAT NEWS!Doctors are making efforts to bring their prices down!")

Well, doctors who want to lower their prices and get some press better hop to it because, if this keeps up, soon their press releases aren't going to be considered "newsworthy."

Dr. Joel Batzofin got in under the wire.

This week he announced that his clinic in NYC, is promoting a treatment called in vitro maturation in which he removes eggs before they are mature, bathes them in a hormone solution in the lab until they are ready, then transfers fertilized embryos back into his patient.

And, yes, its cheaper than IVF. IVM costs about $5,000 because patients don't need fertility drugs (which can cost $4,000 - $8,000 per IVF cycle), frequent blood tests or ultrasounds.

So is IVM for you? Read about Dr. Batzofin and his new(ish) treatment and consider his own assessment. It's a good one:

"IVF is still going to be the gold standard, the Rolls-Royce, the dress shoes," Batzofin says. "This [IVM] is going to be the sneaker.

"But they're still good shoes, and it's better than going barefoot."

Your Editor,
Laurie Gordon
Executive Editor

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Zhang at New Hope Fertility in NYC also offers low cost IVF

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