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These Companies Rock!


Tuesday night at RESOLVE’s Night of Hope at Tavern on the Green in NYC, I was blown away by three companies who provide outstanding fertility and adoption benefits to their employees: Barilla America, Citizens Financial Group, and Harvard University. They each received awards - co-sponsored by RESOLVE and Conceive Magazine - recognizing them for these benefits.

Barilla, the Italian pasta and sauce company offers up to four IVF cycles plus unlimited fertility drugs. There’s an annual deductible of $100 to $250 after which employees pay 10 percent of IUI or IVF costs. They also offer $12,000 per adoption, with a maximum of two adoptions per employee per year. This benefit can also used to pay surrogacy fees.

Citizens’ Financial Group (they received the Employer of the Year award) offers its employees $100,000 coverage for all assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedures including donor egg and donor sperm, and a $100,000 lifetime cap for fertility drugs. They also provide $22,150 in adoption benefits. This is per child, and there’s no adoption limit per family.

Harvard University provides coverage for six cycles of IUI and six cycles of IVF. If the patient is diagnosed and treated for a new cause of infertility they may be allowed additional cycles. They also are entitled to unlimited prescription fertility drugs. Harvard provides $5,000 per adoption ($6,000 if it’s a special needs adoption) with no lifetime cap.

This is pretty impressive stuff. Given the fact that only 15 states provide insurance coverage for infertility treatment, having these types of benefits might be the only way some people can afford coverage. And many people max out their spending on treatment and as a result might not be able to afford adoption.

So I applaud these enlightened companies and others that recognize the toll infertility takes and provide the means to help build families. If you can't work for them, it kind of makes you want to eat Barilla pasta, bank with Citizens, and go to Harvard, no?

Jennifer A. Redmond

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My company Novuscor has a Fertility management program called FertileView. We have been working with the AMA to pay for FertileView for patients that are trying to achieve pregnancy. More insurance companies are offering infertility programs to companies that can be added to their employee insurance benefits. Infertility is becoming more main stream so companies are starting offer these programs.

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