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Take Your Dog to Work Day


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OK, I've got a "To Write" list a mile long, but I just have to blog quickly about how much I love the e-letter Little Pink Book, tagged as "The ultimate collection of fashion, style and corner office smarts." It arrives in my email box daily and 9 times out of 10, I find it interesting.

So I just read today's LPB and it really hit home. "Bulldog in the Boardroom" is about showing your softer side as a boss by taking part in "Take Your Dog to Work Day," Friday, June 26:

"'When people bring pets to work, they get to know each other better and talk to people they don't ordinarily work with," explains Dr. Karen Faunt, DVM, vice president and chief medical officer for Banfield, The Pet Hospital. 'You know someone's a caring person because she stopped to play with your dog.' Added benefit: Having pets nearby makes most people calmer, more creative and able to focus.'"

Now, as a feminist (and the daughter of an original bra-burner), I have long been a fan of "Take Your Daughters to Work Day." In general, I think it's a great way to expose girls to the workplace and show them "the options." But I never thought about it from the perspective of the infertile women in the office. If there ever was a day to call in sick, it's this one. I mean, c'mon, nothing really gets done. All those kids are running around the office, eating sugar, commandering our computers, and watching "Stuart Little" in the conference room.
Pure . . . emotional . . . torture . . .

SO, it may be a small thing and it may result in an unproductive day, but taking your beloved pooch to work? What fun!

Maybe I don't have a daughter to bring to work, but I can bring my adorable pup . . .

Laurie Gordon
Executive Editor

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