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This is Not a Blog About Michael Jackson


All the talk – inescapable talk, really – about who is the “real” father of Michael Jackson's children is making me angry.

None of us know how his children were conceived, and while speculation is rife, it doesn’t really matter. Regardless of how his kids came into the world – donor sperm, donor egg, insemination, surrogacy, or plain old intercourse – Michael Jackson is and was their “real” father. The truth is that he raised them, provided for them, and by all accounts loved them dearly.

So, this isn’t a blog about Michael Jackson. It’s a blog about the use of assisted reproductive technology. There are many, many ways to build a family. And having children in any of these ways doesn’t make you any less of a mother or a father.

And it certainly doesn’t make your children any less your children.

Jennifer A. Redmond

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