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My Heart Must Go Out to Her


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I can live without ever hearing My Heart Will Go On again in my life. In fact, almost any Celine Dion song is like nails on a chalkboard to me. But, holy cow, Celine Dion is reportedly pregnant! And I couldn’t be happier for her.

Granted, no reputable source has reported this yet (People doesn’t count) so I’m hoping it’s true. Celine’s 41. Her first son is 8. She’s struggled with infertility for years and has undergone many rounds of IVF. Yes, she’s a celebrity, but she’s human just like the rest of us. She must be elated! I feel the same, for her, that is, and for all the other women out there who have conceived via ART.

I should just let it go at that, but right after I read the news and thought “Gee, that’s great!”, I thought, “Wow, he’s old.” Celine’s 41; hubby’s 67. If the roles were reversed, c’mon, we’d be in a global uproar, right?

True Confession: When I posted the poll on our homepage, Should women older than 51 be allowed to have IVF?” I voted “It Depends.” Yes, I waffled. But the double standard gives me pause. Who am I to judge?

What if a 54 year old woman really wants a child?

What if a 67 year old father really wants a child?

Who can judge? Congrats Celine. And René Angélil.

Laurie Gordon
Executive Editor

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