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If Only I Was as Brave as Jackie Barr


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Knowing what I know now, I'd like to think that if I was younger (at 46, I've maxed out) I'd be an egg donor. I'm not sure I'd really be brave enough (probably not) but I'd like to think I could muster up the courage. And that's what it really takes: Courage.

I've written fairly extensively on the subject of egg donation and I've interviewed many involved in the process as well as those on the receiveing end of it. But, personally, I don't know anyone who has actually donated an egg.

The women who do donate eggs do so fairly anonymously (seemingly). I have to admit, when I think about these donors, my first thought is skepticism (they're "doing it for the money") but then I read an article like this one and I'm snapped back to reality. These women are really unsung, under-the-radar heros. Pure and simple.

As Executive Editor, I read the fertility newsfeeds each day. This article about egg donor Jackie Barr really caught my eye. It's so brutally honest and made me think about how complicated the decision process and physical experience really is.

In her own words:

    "Donating my eggs has been one of the best things I have ever done. I hope that, deep down, [my husband] is proud of me. Some people might think this is just a selfish way of having more children, but the true reason I'm doing it is to help other women. To be honest, the negative feedback just makes me think if I don't do this, then who else will?"

So here's to you Jackie Barr. And to all those other women out there who are like you and have donated eggs that have helped others. I can think of few acts/accomplishments as great as yours.

I wish I were as brave.

Laurie Gordon
Executive Editor

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