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Funny Or Infertile


a blog by the editors, June 10, 2010

Kudos to EMD Serono for coming up with an ad campaign that's witty, educational and makes us feel better about dealing with the insane beast, Infertilty. They've launched a series of five webisodes at the centerpiece of a new campaign designed to raise awareness about infertility.

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We loved all five! Take a look at each and let us know if you agree:

While there are many things we like about the episodes (doesn't it feel good to laugh about it?), we particularly appreciate how they make the point that infertility affects both partners in a relationship. It's not just about male factor or female infertility. It affects you both, at your unit's core.

What do you think about the webisodes? Let us know. And, if you like them, pass this around to help us usher the stigma of infertility out the door.

See ya, stigma. You're on a slow road to history.

Laurie Gordon
Executive Editor

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Comments (2)

I didn't see anything funny in any of them and thought they were just ok. The guy seemed very unthoughtful,except for the balloon part, which I thought was sweet, but understood why the wife would get upset. I like that they're getting the word out there, but billing these as funny is not the word I would use to describe them. In fact, they made me sad and I even cried at two parts!

It was a funny version of what our life has been like for the last 2 1/2 years. I posted the link on my facebook page because this summed things up better then I ever could. I love that someone is trying to remove the stigma that is attached to infertility. Thank you.

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