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Ten Things You Can Tell Your Fertility Counselor

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a blog by Ellen Glazer, September 9, 2010

  1. You felt relieved when your best friend had a miscarriage
  2. You made up a lie so that you didn’t have to go to your sister’s baby shower
  3. You are baffled when people refer to having sex for pleasure
  4. You worry that your husband will want to leave you
  5. You worry that you might drive him away
  6. You spend half your time at work reading about infertility
  7. You spend the other half of your time at work figuring out if any of your colleagues are about to announce a pregnancy
  8. You fear that you are being punished for:
    • an abortion
    • hating your mother-in-law
    • not being sure you wanted children
    • enthusiastically pursuing your career
    • having too much fun in your 20s
    • all of the above
  9. You had a glass of wine the day before your pregnancy test
  10. You didn’t take the clomid before the clomid challenge test

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You forgot all the jokes about the great sex you had lying on your back in the exam room after she's "insperminated" you with the catheter, such as "Was it good for you, too?"

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