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Surrogacy: Who Would Carry Someone Else's Baby?


a blog by Ellen Glazer, May 5, 2011

Most couples who struggle with infertility are not “candidates” for a gestational carrier pregnancy. However, for some enduring a long journey through infertility, questions arise including: “Is it really a uterine problem?” “Are my repeated miscarriages a sign that I need someone else to carry my baby?” “Is it medically wise for me to become pregnant?”

As these questions arise, they are accompanied by the following big question: “Just who would carry a baby for someone else?”

I have had the privilege of meeting — and getting to know — the women who decide to become gestational carriers. Although each is a unique individual, I have been struck by the things these women have in common with each other.

Here are some of my observations.

  1. They are a very likable, appealing group of women. The gestational carriers I have spoken with are positive, upbeat, content women who seem to like their lives and to want to share some of their good fortune with others.
  2. They are women who love being pregnant. Or they feel they “do pregnancy well.” Or both. Some gestational carriers say they never feel as well as when they are pregnant. Some say that they don’t especially like being pregnant, but they like the fact that they can do it so well.
  3. They are women who love motherhood. The gestational carriers I have spoken with are more often than not married mothers of two children. A few have three children. Occasionally, someone has one. However, most of the time they are women who say that they feel blessed to have had two healthy children, and they decided to focus their emotional and financial resources on the two children they have. In becoming gestational carriers they have the opportunity to help others experience something that has given them so much pleasure.
  4. They are their “own person.” Gestational carriers are an interesting combination of traditional and non-traditional thinkers. In some ways, they seem quite traditional — they have family values, maintain a healthy lifestyle, value relationships and experiences over material things. However, they are also untraditional in that they do not care if others react negatively to the fact that they are carrying someone else’s baby.
  5. They are resourceful. The gestational carriers I know do not enter into the process lightly. They feel passionate about becoming a gestational carrier. They research it extensively and go to great lengths to make it happen.

I hope this is reassuring to those of you who are beginning to think about a gestational carrrier pregnancy. There are some amazing women ready and willing to help you.

Comments (13)

I'M looking for someone to carry our baby

Im a 28 male from uk, looking for a kind hearted women to carry a small gift for me please I came out of a domestic violence relationship after 5years and have started a new life With new prospects and have so much love and kindness to give to another Person. Some would say to me your a good looking man youll find someone soon and youll have a family.. that in it self might be true but Im not ready to committ To a relationship as yet but to father a child whom I can bring into the world Love care and give them the brightest, fullfilling future I possibly can. If their is someone who can help me with this special kind generous gift Please get in touch, it would really make my life complete to be a dad And to have a little person look up to me that will make me proud. ... thank you x

My name is Brandi I'm 21 years old I'm willing to Carrie a baby for you but I don't want to do everything for free if your willing to let me Carrie your child you can call me or reply at or 904-671-5383 or 904-6009041 please feel free to contact me anytime but I'm expecting a good price I don't have insurance or anything

I am a 25 years old girl. Have 2 kids with my ex husband and would like to carry a baby for someone. Let me know if you need somebody to carry your baby for you.

If you are interested in becoming a surrogate, you should contact a surrogacy agency or a fertility clinic in your area that has a surrogacy program. Best, Claire

i need to know how to get strated my sister said she would carry a baby for me and my husbands how do we get strated thank you

Hi Kelly, Are you currently working with a fertility doctor? Your first step would be to have yourself, your husband, and your sister tested to make sure you can use your eggs, your husband's sperm, and have your sister carry the pregnancy. Give us a call at 1-855-955-BABY (2229) and we can help you connect with a fertility doctor in your area who specializes in third party reproduction. Best, Kim

i want a baby with my new partner. i have go5 children and my youngers is 16 years old. im 44 years old and been trying for 3 years and nothing seem to be happen. iwe have been to doctors and said it could be my age, how do i go about someone having a baby for me thanks janet

Hi janet,

When age is a factor, there are a few things you can do. You can use an egg donor and carry the baby yourself OR you can use a gestational surrogate. Your best bet is to contact a fertility doctor and go from there. Give us a call at 855-955-2229 and we can help set you up with a reputable fertility doctor in your area.


Thanks to growing generation, for my new family. The twins are beautiful and perfect in every way. After my parents, who gave me life, you have given me the most important gift I will ever receive. I will be forever grateful. What joy this nothing I have ever known! Yours is the work of angels! Much Love.

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