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Here Comes Father's Day — Part II

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a blog by Ellen Glazer, May 26, 2011

I live in a world of “happy endings.” Everyone that I meet who is struggling to build or expand their family succeeds. Many travel a complicated and unexpected journey and take unanticipated paths, but ALL find their way to a happy ending.

For some, it is a successful pregnancy. For others, it is adoption or egg donation or surrogacy. My point is, one way or another, your family will grow.

And so, as this Father’s Day approaches, I encourage you to celebrate the family you have, rather than focus on the family that awaits you in the future. For some of you, that will mean spending Father’s Day with your own fathers or with some other favorite father in your lives. If you do so, I hope it can be with the firm belief that the time will surely come when you will be the Dad at the center of things or the Mom helping make Father’s Day special for your husband.

Others of you may choose to spend Father’s Day as a couple. I know it is hard for you to really believe it, but a baby WILL come and when he/she is here, there will be all sorts of things you will be reluctant or too tired or too broke to do. Do them NOW!

Plan a weekend away that you can look forward to, preferably to someplace that is not steeped in Father’s Day celebrations. Or know that you will do something last minute, something that would be hard or impossible with a baby.

Try — if only for a day — to recapture some of the fun and freedom and spontaneity that you had before your struggle with infertility began. You were a family then, and you are a family now. Enjoy your family and trust that it will grow.

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