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When You Are the Diagnostic Puzzle

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a blog by Ellen Glazer, August 4, 2011

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I have a client who gets a lot of attention from her fertility doctor. And from his colleagues. And from the doctors she sees for second and third opinions. Everyone is interested in her. Everyone wants to help.

Sound like an enviable position? I know that all too often infertility patients feel that they are “numbers.” A frequent complaint is that “my doctor doesn’t remember me” or “I feel like I’m getting a cookie cutter approach.” It must sound appealing to be the patient everyone knows.

Not so, says my client.

My client gets a lot of attention because no one seems to agree about what her problem is. One doctor does a hysteroscopy and sees one thing. Another sees another. Each is sure of what he or she sees. My client sees a third doctor to break the tie, but he is not certain. He asks a radiologist who confuses things all the more. The more my patient wants an answer, the less certain she feels she will get one.

This is but one example how even in the unfair landscape of infertility, some people end up facing more unfairness than others. Among those encountering more unfairness is my client, who at this point, simply longs for a diagnosis she can count on.

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