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The Celebration of the Menstrual Cycle

a blog by Fran Meadows, January 14, 2013

Let's celebrate becoming a woman, that is what I remember when I was twelve when I got my first period. I was embarrassed, annoyed, moody and trying to wear a pad for the first time without looking like I was exploding like a sponge. Celebrating being a woman at twelve was awkward not knowing that this was a blessing. This was a blessing in disguise. It was the start of a natural menstrual cycle that would someday not show its ugly face and make you a mommy. As a young adult or even a woman in your early 20's your period was the most dreaded thing you can get monthly but you were happy to get it because it was pregnancy prevention time.

Once you go through the dating scene you are always worried about protection and preventing pregnancy you finally get to another stage in your life. Most get to the stage of pregnancy without even trying or trying and boom bang it happens. Some get to the stage that millions of couples get to a road block with infertility. With infertility on the brain, we curse, get angry and are upset when the vision of a spot of blood shows up. It is like that dark reminder that you're a woman but not woman enough to miss a period for nine months while blaming ourselves. We all go through denial and trying anything and everything before we finally make that visit to a specialist. It then becomes the please don't come this month prayer. It has happened to me many times, where I would avoid going to the bathroom just to avoid reality that it didn't work again this month. The next month always comes and you can avoid moving forward from month to month but you can try to hope for a new journey happen.

Why is it when we want something so bad it doesn't happen? People with curly hair want straight hair or brunettes want to be blonde. It is not that simple with infertility. We want a baby and we want a baby there is no curly or straight - it's what we want.

Celebrate the next step of a woman's journey, take all that is thrown at you and maybe a new monthly routine might not involve you being cranky, bloated, eating through the kitchen cabinets and getting your period. Make each month about trying to be strong enough to get to the next month. Someday the vision of that month's blood shed will not be there for more than nine months. We can only hope, and when it does you can skip around and do the happy dance because this is your month, your year, you're free and only happiness lies ahead!

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Ive been through this scenario for years now. Dreading and hoping. Whenever my breasts become tender I pray its not cause im getting my period or if being nausiated in the morning is a sign of being pregnant. All to be one big let down when you use the bathroom & see blood.

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