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Thank You: A Father's Day Tribute to Husbands

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a blog by Melinda Davis, June 15, 2011

This Sunday is Father’s Day, so I wanted to use this opportunity to address all of the men that are part of an infertile couple. Many times we overlook what you have to endure during the fertility treatment process, so this post is my way of saying thank you for just a few of the many things you deserve credit for ...

  • Thank you for supporting us in our dream to carry a child.
  • Thank you for going through fertility tests and treatment.
  • Thank you for enduring the mood swings that come with our fertility drugs.
  • Thank you for listening when we need to get out our emotions.
  • Thank you for being honest even when it’s not what we want to hear.
  • Thank you for not pushing us when we’re not ready to face reality.
  • Thank you for loving us even if we can’t carry your child.
  • Thank you for allowing us to share our most intimate details with fertility doctors, fertility nurses, family, friends and strangers.
  • Thank you for loving us when we aren’t very lovable.
  • Thank you for praying for us.
  • Thank you for picking us up when we crumble after each negative.
  • Thank you for fighting for us.
  • Thank you for helping us pick up the pieces when our life is in shambles.
  • Thank you for helping us find ourselves again.
  • Thank you for caring.
  • Thank you for driving us to fertility clinic appointments, asking what the fertility doctor says and supporting us in this journey.

And above all else ... Thank you for loving us unconditionally, and remaining faithful to us, our marriage and the life we have together no matter what the pregnancy test shows. We may not always say it or show it, but we love you, and we appreciate everything you do and endure for us in the name of love and our family.

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Thank you for being sensitive to your husband and all husbands who walk along side women who struggled with infertility.

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