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10 Things I Like about My New Ob/Gyn

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a blog by Melinda Davis, December 14, 2011

It’s been over two years since I have visited an Ob/Gyn. I know this isn’t good, but after going through so many infertility treatments, being picked, prodded and probed on a daily basis, and after going through so much heartbreak with unsuccessful results, I just couldn’t handle the thought of seeing another doctor.

I was worried she would suggest me going back on the pill, going back through infertility treatments, or thinking she could fix me if I just tried x, y and z. I knew I was vulnerable; in my heart I still want to be a mom, and I was afraid I might second guess everything I went through and have learned throughout the process.

I consider this to be an unexpected side effect of infertility treatments. I went from being able to handle any medical situation with ease to dreading the thought of a doctor’s office. I prepared for my appointment, and researched my doctor online to find one who had heard of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). I recounted everything I had been through, prepared a history report to review with the doctor, and hoped for the best.

After much worry and, to be honest, dread, my appointment arrived, and I found myself face-to-face with my new doctor. Thankfully, to my surprise, the appointment went well. So in tribute to Dr. M., and to reassure that not all doctors are bad, I thought I’d list the top 10 things I like about having her as my new Ob/Gyn.

  1. She was on time, didn’t make me wait and took time to make me comfortable.
  2. She’s aware and has studied PCOS.
  3. She took time to listen to my infertility history.
  4. She acknowledged I had done my research, and was impressed with my understanding of the situation.
  5. She had a conversation with me about the tests and treatments I had done rather than quickly going through a prepared Q&A list.
  6. She sincerely apologized and was sympathetic to my situation.
  7. She gave me her personal work email to send her my medical history, stay in touch with any questions and to provide her with updates.
  8. She recommended not going back on the Pill to regulate my periods since I have had bad side effects to it.
  9. She asked about my diet, thyroid, sugar levels, and other things most don’t take into consideration.
  10. She offered suggestions for moving forward rather than having one set plan with no alternative.

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On top of the clinical knowledge it's obvious how important personal attention and genuine caring are to the doctor/patient relationship. Reading this post reminded me of the first time I discovered a truly great OBGYN (in my mid-twenties).

It seems kind of silly but he would make certain to talk to me face-to-face during an exam, and he always sort of leaned sideways to speak to me as he offered his hand to help me sit up. Funny how that little bit of caring attitude made a huge difference.

We should all learn to seek out those Doctors who will treat us the way we need and want to be treated.

Posted on behalf of Bonaventura Fertility, an Indianapolis fertility clinic and member of the American Health Network. This post is not medical advice, and should not be treated as such. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice.

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