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Hallmark Holidays

a blog by Genna Banafato, June 16, 2013

One thing is clear, I'm in the wrong damn business. Have you LOOKED at the price of greeting cards? $4.99 for a piece of poster board. Prettily colored, sure and nicely worded. But still, not typically more than a 5x7 bifolded piece of poster board. They spout platitudes such as, "To the World's Greatest Husband, Happy Birthday!" or "When life throws you lemons, stick them in your bra" (that's a real one - i'm not even making it up).

$4.99 each. Nice.

For $4.99, I should be able to pick and choose exactly what my greeting card says:

So sorry to hear your ovaries are over the hill.

Do you ever feel like you're swimming in circles?

And that brings us to May and June. The warmer weather heralds in two "Hallmark" holidays that every infertile dreads. It's bad enough that you can't get pregnant, but now, every image on television is a tear jerking 30 second spot reminding you of what you don't have. The perfectly coifed mother and father in the spotless bedroom, snuggling that angelic newborn baby.

So, today, to all of those men out there who are wanting just a little bit more, whether you're dealing with Male Factor Infertility or not, I wish for you an appropriate greeting card, a beverage of your choosing and control of the TV channel. I wish for you to know that you are more than just the sum of your parts. I hope for you to be surrounded by people who understand.

Here's to you.

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