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When Should You Leave Your OB/Gyn

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a blog by Genna Banafato, July 18, 2013

If you're anything like me, you had the same OB/Gyn for a long time. Even through college and living in another state, I kept the same doctor. It was only once a year that i had to come back and see them. I knew them. Was comfortable with them. No reason to switch. Then I decided it was going to be time to TTC. I saw them for my preconception appointment and got a little plan in place. Then the trouble started. I wasn't getting pregnant.

And then I heard what has become the first of several reasons in my head to break up with your OB:

1. "You're a newlywed. Just relax and enjoy it for a little while." That was in response to asking for some basic bloodwork and a semen analysis. Because the relax and wait method has been so helpful for so many.

2. They write you a prescription for clomid without doing a basic infertility work up (blood, HSG and semen analysis) and plan to have you on it without any sort of monitoring. There are oodles of reasons why this is a BAD BAD BAD idea. It could be it's own post, and has been in the past. See here and here. The bottom line is clomid without monitoring can lead to tennis ball sized cysts on your ovaries and a thin uterine lining. It can lead to high order multiples and all of the reality shows are taken already. And last but not least, all the clomid in the world isn't going to help you get pregnant if your fallopian tubes are blocked or if you have male factor infertility issues.

3. They don't refer you to a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) when you start having difficulty conceiving. An OB/Gyn is an expert at delivering babies and the healthy female reproductive system. An RE is an expert in disorders of the female reproductive system and getting you pregnant. If you've had a heart attack, you wouldn't stay with your primary care doctor for cardiac care, you would see a cardiologist. Work with the right specialist for the parts. It's all I'm saying.

The road to getting pregnant can be long and rocky for some women. Make sure you have the right team behind you when you decide that you're ready to start down this path.

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