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Avoid Fertility Medication Sticker Shock

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a blog by Gina Paoletti-Falcone, RN, BSN, December 23, 2010

Preparing for fertility treatments is stressful. So much is unknown. How will you juggle your appointments and your job? How many fertility injections will you need? Will you get pregnant?

You’re presented with a list of fertility medications you will need for your treatment cycle, more drugs than you have ever had to take in your life. You have no idea why you need them, what they do or how much they will cost. If you don’t have prescription coverage for your medications, you may be in for some sticker shock when you talk to the pharmacy about the total price.

Price Shopping for Fertility Drugs

Have you thought about price shopping for your fertility drugs? Where might you get the best price? How do you gain access to prices? Wouldn’t it be nice to just go to a pharmacy website, look up the medication cost and do the math to know where you will get the best deal?

Unfortunately, very few fertility specialty pharmacies in the United States list actual prices on their websites. Some European “online” pharmacies list prices, but the drugs they dispense are technically not FDA-approved, as they are manufactured, distributed and dispensed outside the United States.

Medication Price Calculator

Freedom Fertility Pharmacy has provided a price list on the website for several years now. And now they have taken that price list a step further. In an effort to give patients “peace of mind” during every phase of their fertility treatment experience, patients who do not have insurance coverage for medication now have the option to do their own price quote using an online Medication Price Calculator. It’s easy to use and provides real answers in just a few minutes.

The link to the Medication Price Calculator is located on the Freedom Fertility Pharmacy's homepage. When you click on “PRICE YOUR FERTILITY MEDICATION NOW," you’ll see all the fertility medications listed with their price. Simply enter the quantity of each medication you need and then click on “CLICK HERE FOR YOUR MEDICATION PRICE QUOTE." Your quote will be processed and assigned a unique Quote ID.

Any medication price quotes that total over $1,500 qualify you for a $100 coupon that can be redeemed when you call to set up that order within seven days of the price quote. Just remember to reference your Quote ID number when you place your order to receive the savings.

So whether this is your first cycle or your fifth cycle take advantage of this unique tool that gives you an accurate quote in just minutes and the opportunity to save money too.

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