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MTV + Infertility = True Life?

a blog by Grey Fox, July 29, 2013

I just broke a promise.

I promised my other half I would not watch anything that MTV aired about infertility.

Some of you on Twitter may remember @MTVProducer trolling the infertility community last year looking for infertile couples for a reality TV show. I recall much discussion about how this would likely result in the "infertile" version of Snooki getting pregnant but then going to jail for leaving the baby in the car - or something equally dramatic and over-the-top. We were all scared of what this show would look like in the hands of MTV.

I rarely watch MTV anymore. Occasionally I check out the train wreck that is Teen Mom2 if I'm feeling particularly masochistic but, other than that, I don't really watch it. And that's OK because I'm sooooo not MTV's demographic anymore. I'm old. So I really know very little about this show True Life.

But when I found out that someone I *know* was going to be on True Life: I’m Desperate To Have A Baby I just had to watch. Could it be possible that MTV would treat this topic with the respect that it deserves?

Would there be a room full of hysterical women injecting themselves with hormones while simultaneously hurling insults at each other as well as their partners? Would we see anything other than tears and breakdowns? Would they be too afraid to air anything that didn’t result in a healthy baby? Or would it just be all rainbows and unicorns after the all the inevitable drama leading up to test day?

Or would they treat this topic with respect and show more than just the tears? We all know you can’t NOT show tears when talking about infertility but there are ways to do so without reducing women to public Amanda Bynes style breakdowns.

Well. Now we know.

They did it right.

They also just scratched the surface. There is so much more to this topic that needs to be shared. This was a good start but now I want to see more. And that’s an odd feeling for me. I don’t watch much reality TV (aside from the aforementioned masochistic sessions with Teen Mom2).

I can't say I'm in love with the title they chose (Desperate?), but my only real complaint with this episode was the repeated use of the “implant” in reference to transferring embryos into a uterus during IVF. But that wasn’t MTV’s fault. And that’s a rant post for another time. MTV showed the real people - their fear, and, yes,their tears, but also their humor.

Someone somewhere did something right and so I give applause. Kudos, MTV. And a big shout out to the couples who opened up their lives to show the rest of the world what it’s like to try and force your body do something that comes so easily to many others.


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