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The Infertile Mother’s Day

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a blog by Infertile Naomi, May 6, 2010

It’s almost Mother’s Day and those celebrity mothers are getting ready to celebrate. Newly single mom, Sandra Bullock, will probably be spending time with adopted son Louis. The Brad and Angelina bunch could be getting together for brunch in Venice. And an unconfirmed rumor reports that Suri Cruise wants to make french toast for her parents (but she’s not allowed to turn on the stove).

For the rest of us living in infertile land, Mother’s Day can be a difficult time.

While those celebrity and non-celebrity mothers enjoy their special day, this day often becomes a painful reminder of your inability to become one. Maybe I’m not the infertile norm, but I actually enjoy Mother’s Day.

Since I was young, my sister and I would find different ways to surprise our mother. From the sloppy pancake breakfast in bed to the adult brunches and gifts, this day is always about remembering how lucky we are to have such a wonderful mom. This year is no different. This day has always been about and for her so I’m okay with Mother’s Day.

Anyways, Mother’s Day happens only once a year but Infertility Day is a daily “celebration” (just substitute the french toast breakfast with a big bottle of wine). That’s why it’s both surprising and wonderful that the new movie Mother and Child recognizes the infertile mamas during this time. Starring Naomi Watts, Annette Bening and Samuel L. Jackson, Mother and Child, follows the story of three women profoundly affected by infertility and adoption.

Karen (Bening) is haunted by the baby she gave up for adoption; Elizabeth (Watts) comes from an adopted family; and Lucy (Kerry Washington) experiences the plight of infertility when her and her husband fails to conceive.

I’ve only watched the movie trailer and have yet to see the entire film, but it doesn’t seem like your typical Hollywood “I got pregnant on my first try” storyline (don’t even get me started on Knocked Up). But surprisingly, the movie seems to actually recognize infertility instead of banishing it away like a taboo subject. Kudos to the film for casting a spotlight on the issue of infertility, especially during Mother’s Day. (Although I’m quite certain that come Father’s Day, a new comedy (probably starring Seth Rogen) about sperm count and an accidental pregnancy will let the subject of infertility get swept back into the infertile closet.)

As Mother’s Day approaches and my own mom is eating her homemade banana bread, I will be remembering how lucky I am to have her in my life.

I always believe that I am a mother, too, but my baby just isn’t here yet.

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i'd like to thank you for your comments and words. I've been trying to get pregnant for quite a number of years now with no luck. I think that my time will come, as you do, but for now, it's hard to stay happy with this situation. It is really important for me to find communities such as this during this time in my life.

Just wanted to say how much that last thought resonated with me. I am a mom. My baby's just not here yet.... Still waiting for him or her. Good luck to you and the rest of us.

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