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And Father of the Year Award Goes to…

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a blog by Infertile Naomi, May 26, 2010

From bitter custody battles to the infamous balloon boy fiasco, these dads won’t be receiving the "Father of the Year" award for exceptional parenting this year:

    From Macaroni to Murder

    Former host of the Food Network television show, Calorie Commando, chef Juan-Carlos Cruz has been charged with allegedly attempting to murder his wife. The reason? Infertility. After years of depression due to infertility, Cruz allegedly arranged a murder-suicide pact with his wife, Jennifer, to end her life.

    According to reports, Cruz allegedly hired two homeless men to help kill his wife because he couldn’t stand seeing her in such emotional pain from their infertility issues.

    It’s kind of sad, really, that Cruz didn’t end up procreating because it seems like he would have been such an emotionally stable and doting father.

    Balloon Boy Daddy

    We all remember Richard Heene, the father who fooled the media by claiming his six year old son was trapped in a hot air balloon. Turns out the now infamous balloon boy was at home hiding while his parents were seeking fame and fortune. Balloon boy daddy and mommy got into big trouble for their lack of parenting skills; and their son is probably wondering if he’ll ever live down that nickname.

    I'm sure that's the least of his problems with parents like that.

    Bad Hollywood Dad

    Newly single mom Sandra Bullock won’t be giving any ‘Father of the Year’ awards to her cheatin' spouse, Jesse James. After four years of trying to adopt a baby, Sandra and Jesse finally welcomed baby Louis into their lives. You know what else they welcomed into their lives? Jesse James and his string of mistresses.

    Bad daddy. Go to your room….alone.

    Jon Gosselin Plus 8

    Father of eight Jon Gosselin didn’t come across that well this year. The former John and Kate Plus 8 star had a bitter separation, public fights in front of his children and a few ladies on the side.

    He would have gone on Dancing with the Stars as well, but he seemed to be getting jiggy with it with some of his girlfriends already.

    In reality, he's a bad dad.

    German Man Marries his Dying Cat

    Congratulations to Uwe Mitzscherlich and his feline bride, Cecilia, on their recent marriage. No joke. This German man decided to marry his 15 year old cat in an unusual, illegal ceremony. The bride looked breath-taking in her white dress and had her hair specially combed for the occasion. When asked if they wanted kids, the feline bride responded “He would make a purr-fect father.”

    We're hoping Cecilia the cat asks for a divorce should they “talk” about adoption.

Ya gotta ask yourself "Why do these baffoons get to be parents when we (perfect in every way) have to jump through hoops?" Pretty ironic, no?

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