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Jennifer Aniston’s Uterus Speaks Out!

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a blog by Infertile Naomi, June 24, 2010

Remember the Jennifer Aniston from seven years ago? She played sweet Rachel Green on the hit television show “Friends.” Aniston’s character was a fashion diva who was sometimes on a break from boyfriend Ross and later, ended up pregnant with baby Emma.

Fast forward to the Jennifer Aniston of today. Now, Jen graces the cover of celebrity magazines with headlines reading “Will Jen Adopt?” “Is Aniston Pregnant?” “Jen is Finally Ready for Baby at 40.”

Infertility is hard enough for those women not in the public spotlight while Jen’s uterus might as well be splashed on the cover of People Magazine. You can see the headline now.
“Jen’s Uterus Fights Back Against Pregnancy Rumors.” The article would be followed by a one-on-one chat with her uterus. “We sat down with Jennifer Aniston’s uterus this morning,” (the article would read.) “It revealed new juicy details about her ovaries, follicles and fallopian tubes!”

During her marriage to Brad Pitt, it was rumored that Jen suffered from a miscarriage and had further trouble conceiving. Later, as Jen and Brad divorced, it was rumored that she was sporting a baby bump from an unknown dad. And most recently, the rumors reveal that Jen is happy with her life at 40 but really wants to be a mom. And now the magazine celebrity world waits for the news of a little baby Aniston popping out of her 40-year-old loins. If she’s not pregnant at 50, are we still going to hear these rumors? “The Aniston uterus. A little rusty and menopausal but ready to conceive!”

For the love of Ross Geller, leave the poor woman alone! Maybe her uterus is just on a break right now.

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I so agree with the first comment. Every friend who calls me wants to know if I have "good news" to share. They don't even know we are TTC, but they are extremely interested in the status of my uterus. If the common (wo)man is hounded by such questions, then I can imagine the plight of celebrities!!

I think the gossip rags (I meant magz!) don't have a clue about conception. A little pooch after a burger and beer does not mean you're pregnant. And if she is pregnant after 40, then the headline should read : "Jen does IVF!"

The sad thing is, most women of child bearing age could insert their own name in place of Jennifer Anniston's. Do men get asked when they are going to reproduce? ;)

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