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Celebrity Fertility News


a blog by Infertile Naomi, November 10, 2010

According to In Touch Magazine, Katie Holmes is on birth control (gasp!). The “Is she pregnant? Is she not pregnant?’ wife of Tom Cruise is reportedly taking birth control instead of trying for their second baby.

Dear In Touch Magazine: We don’t really care, and it would be nice if you left this poor woman alone.

In other news, Katie Price has revealed that she has turned to IVF after struggling to conceive. Although her recent attempts of IVF failed, she has recently said: “If we aren’t successful in our attempts, then we will adopt.” Her husband, Alex Reid, told a magazine that doctors have confirmed that he has ‘superman sperm.’

I know what you’re thinking. Superman sperm? That’s just gross — and who in the world is Katie Price anyways?

Celine Dion, the French singer who gave birth to twins last month, is back home with her two baby boys, Eddy and Nelson. Celine, who openly talked about her fertility issues, got pregnant last year after her sixth IVF procedure. Initially pregnant with triplets, Celine was ecstatic to learn that she was pregnant with healthy twins. Something tells us that her heart will still go on.

Mariah Carey gets needled! According to her husband, Nick Cannon, the singer turned to acupuncture and Chinese medicine to help her get pregnant. Her recent announcement comes after months of baby bump speculation. The couple turned to acupuncture to increase fertility after suffering from a miscarriage shortly after they got married. Their baby is due in spring 2011.

Bring out the tissues. In a true reality television moment, Giuliana and Bill Rancic, share their heartbreaking story of fertility struggles and a miscarriage. The couple, who have their own reality show, publicly documented their first IVF procedure only to have a miscarriage at 9 weeks. But like any couple struggling with infertility, they recently announced that they are ‘ready to try for a baby again.’ This couple emphasizes that infertility is about disappointment and loss, and then having the strength to move again toward hope.

In sad news, singer Lily Allen announced last week that she lost her unborn baby. The singer, whose boyfriend is Sam Cooper, lost the baby at 6 months. Sadly, Lily had a first miscarriage back in 2008.

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Katie Price is also known as Jordan - an ex-glamour model now better known as a reality TV star, businesswoman and (ill-advisedly) singer and author. She is extremely famous in the UK, some say second only to Victoria Beckham in wealth terms.

She's got three kids already, but allegedly started on IVF after "struggling to conceive" for only two months with her new husband. Kind of makes a mockery of what some of us go through.

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