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Just Because One IVF Cycle Fails, It Doesn't Mean the Next One Will


a blog by Infertile Naomi, December 13, 2010

Celine Dion is here to tell you that just because one IVF cycle fails, it doesn’t mean the next one will.

It’s been a long infertility battle for singer Celine Dion and her husband Renee Angelil. From miscarriage to multiple IVF failures, Celine has been a strong voice in the infertility community, hoping that her story will inspire others who are struggling to conceive. Earlier this week proud mommy Celine introduced her 6-week-old twin boys, Nelson and Eddy, to the world, debuting their baby photos for all the world to see.

As any woman going through IVF knows, the in vitro fertilization process can be grueling and heartbreaking. As Celine learned from her first five failed IVF cycles, sometimes this expensive process just doesn’t work on the first try (she later got pregnant from her sixth attempt).

For anyone who has gone through the process, even one attempt can be emotionally and physically exhausting, especially if it doesn’t work in the end. After all, IVF is supposed to be the miracle conception cure after a couple has exhausted all other alternatives.

Celine has been quoted as saying she felt “bruised and numb" from her ongoing in vitro fertilization treatments, but she never wanted people to feel sorry for her. During her interview with Oprah Winfrey earlier this year Celine says “we’ll just keep trying, and we won’t give up.”

Some might argue that she has the money to continue fertility treatments while others simply cannot afford it. But we also think that it takes a lot more than money to continue the strength and determination to keep moving forward.

Celine proves that life doesn’t always go as planned, and you always have to believe in your happy ending — whatever that may be.

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Comments (3)

I don't think Celine is anything extra special or strong for going through IVF. I know many people who have been through countless cycles and a lot more heartache than her - for us it was 6 IVF/ICSI attempts.
OUr main concernt hrough it all was money - we know the IVF works, but will it work b4 running out of funds?? we know to do it back to back gives us a better chance but can we afford to jsut keep going back?

I have the strength, determentation & patience to do another 6 attempts or more to get my 2nd miracle, but I do not have the money - so YES it is easier for Celine, A LOT OF THE PRESSURE IS TAKEN OFF HEr - she knows it will work eventually & she knew she could keep going until it did work..she could say we will keep going & never give up - a lot of us cant do that.

I certainly don't underestimate the courage it takes to do IVF, and try it again and again so often as she did. I've only done one IVF so far and I'm sure that it's SO MUCH more emotionally draining to have 5 failed cycles!! Kudos to Celine (and Renee) for never giving up!

I would love to say that if I had the money she had, I would do it as many times as necessary as well. But I can't really be certain--I think I'd be too discouraged. I do, however, wish I had some of her we could do IVF #2. Waiting 3-6 months before another IVF cycle is not my CHOICE or my doctor's is only because I don't have the money. So yeah in that aspect I do envy Celine. But I don't envy all the IVF's and the pain she went through. I'm so glad she's honest about it and speaks out as a representative of all women experiencing infertility.

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