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Pickles and (Breast Milk) Ice Cream

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a blog by Infertile Naomi, March 30, 2010

Have I got your taste buds (or your gag reflex) watering?

True story. An ice cream parlor from London, England recently gained media attention after introducing a new flavor called the “Baby Gaga Ice Cream.”

The unique ice cream recipe, made with real breast milk, is combined with Madagascan vanilla pods and lemon zest. The milk was provided by, you guessed it, lactating moms who donated their milk to the store after seeing an advertisement. The little ice cream shop quickly gained international attention over this very unusual flavor, and the ice cream was quickly pulled off the shelf. Local officials confiscated the dessert treat, concerned that it was unsafe for public consumption.

One celebrity was appalled after hearing about the “Baby Gaga” ice cream treat. Singer Lady Gaga threatened to sue the ice cream shop for copy infringement of the name, and wanted to make it clear that she did not endorse this product (nor did she donate any of the ingredients). Note to store owner: If a singer (who once wore a dress made of dead cow) thinks you’re ice cream flavor is too strange, it’s probably too strange.

So who has tried this new flavor of ice cream? Four out of 5 babies thought it was delicious (the last baby was formula fed), and it was rumored that the mothers who donated their milk tried the ice cream, but would only eat from their own supply. Store owner Matt O'Connor, described the ice cream as “creamy and rich.” After he ate a cone, he had to be burped by one of the moms.

If you’re turned off by this ice cream, here are my suggestions for a few names that could be more appetizing:

  1. Breast Chocolate Milk Ice Cream
  2. Fun Bags Milk Ice Creams
  3. Lactation Creation Ice Cream
  4. Suckling Ice Cream
  5. Butterscotch Nipple Ice Cream
  6. White Beverage from a Fertile Woman Ice Cream

Also available in soy and dairy-free flavors! Mmmm.

Rumor has it that this store is also trying out new infertile flavors of ice cream including French Vanilla Fertility Drugs; Caramelized Clomid Sundae; Progesterone Parfait and Auntie Flow Cookie Dough.

So I ask you, would you be willing to try Breast Milk Ice Cream?

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Comments (4)

This seems very odd to me. Having never tried breast milk, well since I was an infant, this strikes me as somewhat gross. We get our milk from a cow so for us to drink "human milk" which is meant for babies, just seems perverse.

grossed out by human breast milk? What do you think is hanging from a cow? It's a mammal just like us and has breasts! Do you think the milk comes from its ass or something?

Obviously, this is beside the point, but does Lady Gaga really own the word "gaga"? That's ridiculous.
And I don't see the point of consuming your own (or others') breastmilk. It's for BABIES.

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