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What to Expect in 2012 Fertility TV and Movies

a blog by Infertile Naomi, January 8, 2012

Welcome to 2012.

Rumor has it that sometime this year, the apocalypse might occur, Kim Kardashian might re-marry and break it off after 71 days, Justin Bieber might father another illegitimate child, and Jennifer Aniston might sport a baby bump. In the celebrity world, it’s going to be a busy year.

As for new television and movies coming in 2012, here’s what we can expect:

Returning TV Shows with a Fertility Twist

The Bachelor
The fertility twist to this reality show is that all 25 women want babies, or at least they claim they do. On The Bachelor, Season 16, Ben Flajnik returns to find the love of his life and (most probably) gets engaged in the show’s finale. The show would be far more interesting if Bachelor Ben and his bachelorettes could undergo fertility testing to ensure they could actually have children. Not to worry though, Ben and his future fiancé will most likely break up before they can say ‘in vitro fertilization.’

A Conception Story
TLC network may have a lot of pregnancy-related programming, but their web-based conception show is actually quite good. Season 2 is back and follows couples on their journey to parenthood. A very honest look at the difficulties of conceiving and the joys of pregnancy after infertility.

Movies with a Fertility Twist

What to Expect When You’re Expecting — Release Date May 2012
Based on the popular book series What to Expect when You're Expecting, the movie with the same name is slated to be released this May. The story follows four couples on their journey to parenthood, from preconception to delivery to adoption. The movie is filled with many A-list stars, including Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Dennis Quaid, Matthew Morrison and even Chris Rock. This movie releases just in time for Mother’s Day, so bring your mom, a box of tissues and maybe even your fertility therapist.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green —Release Date August 2012
The trailer alone will move you to tears. Jennifer Gardner and Joel Edgerton play a childless couple who would do anything to have a baby. In a moment of hope, they decide to bury a box in their backyard wishing for a child. They soon get their wish as Timothy Green seems to magically appear. After seeing this movie, I can almost guarantee that at least one couple will plant a “Give me a baby” wish box in their own backyard. The movie should come with a disclaimer: “Do not try this at home unless you have extremely fertile soil.”

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 — Release Date November 2012
I’ll admit to having never watched these movies, but apparently Bella gives birth to her vampire child. It seems very logical that Bella can get pregnant with a dead guy’s 100-year-old sperm. Now that’s a very fertile couple!

Of course, you can almost guarantee that 2012 will also bring us a flick starring a knocked up Katherine Heigl and Chris Rock running a daddy day care.

Cheers to a fertile 2012!


Comments (2)

Sounds like an interesting line up of stories dealing with infertility. I am always pleased to see the topic of infertility addressed on screen. The more people talk about it and deal with it, even in story version, it may help real infertile couples deal with their emotions. Open communication and acceptance is always a good thing when facing life challenges.

D Alishouse
American Health Network Reproductive Medicine

This has been posted on behalf of American Health Network Reproductive Medicine, an Indianapolis fertility clinic supporting Egg Donation in Indianapolis. The information is not medical advice, and should not be treated as such. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. The reader should always consult his or her healthcare provider to determine the appropriateness of the information for their own situation or if they have any questions regarding a medical condition or treatment plan.

I'm glad there are going to be some tv shows covering the topic of infertility. It seems there are a lot of shows out there showcasing people who have no problems with fertility (16 and pregnant, The Duggars, -- my favorites -- I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant). I guess here was Guilianna and Bill, but come on, they're not really representatives of the average couple.

I wish they would factor more infertility plot lines in sitcoms. I know, infertility in itself isn't funny, but there are definitely moments where it can be like, "Are you freaking kidding me!?" kinds of ridiculous. I liked the way it was handled years ago with Chandler and Monica on Friends. A few episodes ago, right before Christmas, How I Met Your Mother tried to tie it in, with Robin starting out telling her kids how they came to be...then launches into a story, finding out she is infertile, and you're waiting for her to find out the doctor screwed up or somehow she overcame it. End with her sitting alone on a park bench telling kids that they were never born and kids vanish. Omg. Had my hopes up it was going to be a happy ending and was bawling at end. I think that was a bad way to play with peoples emotions. Could have been handled better.

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