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Take This Celebrity Fertility Quiz!

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a blog by Infertile Naomi, July 23, 2012

Take my celebrity fertility quiz! Give yourself one point for every question you answered "yes."

  • When you first heard that True Blood star, Anna Paquin was pregnant with twins, you first thought to yourself “I wonder if she did IVF."
  • When you heard that Tom and Katie were divorcing, your first thought was “I guess Katie really isn’t pregnant now.”
  • You are secretly happy that Kate Middleton did not announce a pregnancy in her first year of marriage.
  • You are thankful that Jessica Simpson finally gave birth so you can stop reading about her pregnancy in US Weekly.
  • When you found out Tori Spelling was pregnant with her fourth child after just giving birth, you threw your VHS copies of Beverly Hills 90210 in the trash can.
  • You are happy that reality star couple Giuliana and Bill Rancic are finally expecting a baby via surrogate, but also somewhat envious.
  • You are happy that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez aren’t pregnant yet.
  • You only like Khloe Kardashian because she is rumored to have done IVF treatments. Other than that, you think the Kardashian’s are a strange family.
  • You secretly hope that Jessica Simpson doesn’t lose her baby weight.
  • You live in fear that one of the Olsen twins will get pregnant before you.


Less than five points…

If you answered yes to five questions or fewer, you are an awesome woman (or man) who really wants a baby. Perhaps you have been trying to conceive for several months or years, and although it gets you down sometimes, you know everything will work out in the end. You have incredible strength, awesome determination, and you refuse to let infertility beat you down. You also secretly enjoy when celebrities give their babies dumb names, and you hope to be pregnant before Katie Holmes gets re-married and pregnant again.

More than five points
If you answered yes to five questions or more, you might just eat an entire container of ice cream if you find out that Jessica Simpson is already pregnant again with her second baby. See above for the rest.

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