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Keeping up with the Kardashian’s Fertility and Other News

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a blog by Infertile Naomi, January 31, 2013

It’s been a busy month in the world of celebrity fertility news but isn’t it always?

Kardashian Fertility

I really don’t know much about the Kardashian family. I don’t watch very much television so I get my daily gossip through online sources. I know there is a Kim who married a basketball player and split after 72 wedded days. She later started dating rapper, Kanye West, and they recently announced a pregnancy. Then, there is a Kourtney. She has children, a television show, and apparently she and her sisters do not get along. Shocking. But the news that their sister, Khloe Kardashian, suffers from infertility issues caught my attention. According to a news source, Khloe has talked openly about her fertility problems and has tried many different treatments in order to become pregnant. Just for fun, I googled “Khloe Kardashian” and came up with many opposing searches. One magazine reported that Khloe was going though in vitro fertilization (IVF), another reported acupuncture and another magazine said she was already three months pregnant (which the magazine later retracted). You have to feel bad for that woman. Dealing with infertility in private is difficult enough but she has to have her failed lady parts broadcasted over the internet. Khloe, if you happen to read this, please feel free to enter my Ovuline contest (see below)!

Soap Opera Fertility. Who is your baby daddy?

When I was younger, I use to love watching soap operas. Young and the Restless, General Hospital, Bold and the Beautiful, I was addicted to all of them. After all, if Veronica was married to Bennet while secretly in love with Doctor Drake Ramoray, only to find out that her daughter was switched at birth and her first love, who she thought had died in a tragic plane crash, was really alive and living in Canada with his new wife and three children, you have to believe in miracles, right? I can’t say that soap operas have become more realistic over the years, but I do like how television writers have incorporated infertility into their storylines. General Hospital has addressed miscarriage and IVF and Y&R has dealt with fertility treatments and surrogacy. Realistic, probably not? But I do appreciate how television shows attempt to address the issue. Now if only, a desperate Julianna could get pregnant with Sebastian’s baby, that would save their marriage.

Tom Arnold: IVF Baby on the Way

The 53 year old actor and his 37 year old wife, Ashley Groussman, are expecting a baby via IVF. The actor told The View that he and his (fourth) wife had been struggling with infertility for years and endured several rounds of IVF before Ashley finally became pregnant. "We're really happy. I didn't think it was in the cards for me, to be honest, and so I was completely shocked," Arnold said on The View. "It's a miracle." Congratulations to Tom and Ashley on their little miracle!

Also, I am running on a contest on my blog and giving away a membership to, a fertility website that helps couples conceive faster. Enter to win and give a standing ovation for ovulation from Ovuline!


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Always enjoy your posts. Good reminders that there are a group of us struggling with the same issues!

I was happy when GH started the surrogacy story- they have handled other personal/medical issue stories so well- but it was gone awry..barely 2-3 days after the transfer, the surrogate's pregnancy was announced..then a few days later she tripped over a dog and felt cramps so she went to the dr who determined she lost the pregnancy. Distraught over losing her bff's baby, she turned to her ex- they wound up in the sack (hours after a m/c) and a few weeks later she is PG again! Not a very responsible storyline :(

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