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Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

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a blog by Alec, July 15, 2011

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Our dog Luke is a bit of an oddity. Half Golden Retriever (and half Great Pyrenees), he hates water more than any dog I’ve ever known. Hates baths, hates the rain, even walks around puddles.

When he learned that the upstairs was the hated bath place, he never again willingly climbed the stairs.

Retraining Luke to happily roam the sleeping area got me to thinking. I realized that maybe Wannabe Moms and Dads need to be retrained as well. We’ve learned to hate certain things our entire life, and then those things become a daily diet to a Wannabe parent.

There are a whole lot of uncomfortable things we experience as we fight infertility. Here’s a Top 10:

    10) Speculums (if it’s a cold speculum, then promote to No. 1, demoting all others!)
    9) Blood draws
    8) Doctor-ordered sex
    7) Providing a sperm sample at a fertility clinic where the only help you receive is a 3-year-old issue of Penthouse — and the pages are looking a bit stiff
    6) Shots in the rear end
    5) Administering shots in the rear end
    4) Clomid’s effect on your body chemistry
    3) IUI
    2) IVF
    1) Surgery

    All joking aside, this is more discomfort than any 10 people should be asked to tolerate. In the fight to survive infertility, such are the realities.

    Remember, the first objective is to survive until your solution can be found.

    How does one make the uncomfortable comfortable (or at least bearable)? I have a few thoughts.

    • Humor: If you have any hope of making it through, hold on to your funny bone. Sometimes, it takes the ability or even the determination to find the funny amid the awful.
    • Love: Don’t forget the love you bear your husband, wife or partner. This struggle is about creating something out of that bond. The two of you are the building blocks. Build one another up as well.
    • Stubbornness: Don’t ever let the long disappointing process of infertility take your determination away from you.
    • Escape: Get away from reality sometimes. See a movie, take a trip, perhaps even go to an amusement park and ride a roller coaster until you puke. I would try this, but I get motion sickness VERY QUICKLY!!!
    • Talk: Speaking with others about the travails of infertility often proves therapeutic.
    • Write: What I’m doing now. What bloggers do every day. If you prefer, keep a journal. Comment on other’s blogs. You could start with the Infertility Guy.

    Luke became comfortable with the upstairs and now leads the way to the master bedroom at night. If that happened, then a whole lot seems possible.

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