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Baby-Making Sex Scheduling Conflicts

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a blog by Alec, July 26, 2011

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An infertile couple was kind enough to tell me this story about baby-making sex. Per my promise to respect anonymity, you’ll have the initials of the storytellers.

As it was relayed to me:

    We had been trying for a long time. I was taking Clomid, and we were on a schedule, which was not usually a problem.

    But K had a business trip this time, and he was leaving on the day that we were supposed to do it.

    We couldn’t miss a cycle, so I figured that I could pick him up from work and drive him to the airport and then stop somewhere along the way.

    We considered hotels or motels and then decided they would be impractical.

    Public restrooms could be gross.

    In the end, I borrowed an SUV with tinted windows, picked up K, and then headed toward the airport. We detoured into a forested area, pulled off road and did it, right there in the car.

    After, K made his flight.

I found myself listening in amazement. Honestly, why should I have been amazed? What they did was creative, daring and certainly made a good story, but I can imagine that some couples go to even greater lengths to accommodate baby making.

What about the couples where one spouse is a consultant and leaves town each week?

I’ve known couples where both travel for work! Each arrives home exhausted. Is it easy summoning up the strength for a shag? Would enthusiasm be too much to ask for? Romance? Interest?

On one occasion, the entire family was in Chicago, as well as dear friends who had flown in from New York to join us. But JK and I were on a schedule. I announced that we would be excusing ourselves at 8 p.m.

And so we went from dinner to trigger shots half an hour later to baby-making sex soon after that.

Scheduling the baby dance can be a pain, but when you are infertile, you learn to prioritize. The window of opportunity opens and closes in the blink of an eye, and most are creative enough to figure out how to crawl through.

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