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A Chip and a Chair (Infertile and Still in the Game)

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a blog by Alec, August 18, 2011

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We were vacationing this past week, seeing JK’s family. I took a day and drove to the Coushatta Casino in Louisiana. You might recall I play poker. I entered the Coushatta’s tournament on this visit.

Why would the Infertility Guy want to tell poker stories on FertilityAuthority? Life is full of metaphors, if we are keen-sighted enough to spot them. You will sometimes hear poker players say it, “A chip and a chair,” meaning if they are still alive, if they have just one chip, they can still win.

I’ve always felt that belief helps us beat infertility I suppose this is a metaphor about hope. Because the unlikely is possible. Strange things do happen.

If you are still willing to try, if you still have options open, then you, too, have a chip and a chair.

For the Wannabe Dads (and Moms!) who like poker stories, my tournament started badly, with me re-buying three times and feeling desperate. Eventually I found myself short stacked and desperate holding Ace-five unsuited. I declared all-in, and two others did the same! I thought, “I’m dead,” and was surprised to find that I was competing against two inferior hands. When the ace arrived on the turn, I had tripled up.

From there, I played patiently and well. By the time we reached a final table, I had played my way to a narrow chip lead. I would have liked to continue, but everyone else favored a chop (to divide the money equally among each of us), and so I consented. There was still a nice profit to be had.

In the world of infertility, I’ve read some heartwarming examples of victories coming unexpectedly. My favorite, the clever Kate of Busted Plumbing, made it through a seven-year journey to get to the other side.

Gut wrenching tragedies abound in this blogosphere, but so do stories of hope. We had three awful miscarriages, so I cannot imagine six. Even that blogger made it to the other side.

PCOS, PUPPS, fibroids, incompetent cervix, low sperm count, low motility, etc, etc, etc. It’s amazing but true. So many hope-giving stories about Wannabe Moms and Dads that beat infertility. It took time, anguish, surgeries, patience and belief.

A chip and a chair do not guarantee victory, but they guarantee you are still in the game, and you can still fight.

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It's great to see another man blogging about infertility. Thanks for what you are sharing and encouraging others to get in touch with their story. We had 10 years of infertility, initially 8 years of my wife being infertile, then after her becoming fertile through natural treatment we found out I was infertile! Lost all hope at that point but then our thinking changed and we started to imagine a fulfilled life beyond all this and without children. We did carry on trying and conceived naturally just before starting IVF.

So take hope, it can happen and like you I am firm believer that our thoughts, beliefs and emotions play a key part.

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